Haitian Refugees. Seeking asylum is a HUMAN RIGHT and United States law . . . regardless of your skin color and/or ethnicity.

Today as I watch Haitian refugees fleeing natural disaster and political unrest being rounded-up by the Texas Border Patrol on horseback, with whips, I have to remind myself this is 2021 and not 1821. The urgency for and complexity in securing basic human rights and equity for all people remains our historic struggle; domestically and globally.

As we work to disrupt and progress the conversation on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion it’s impossible to not be discouraged and heartbroken by the struggle being faced by Haitian Refugees in Texas and all the places where they currently seek refuge.

Leaving this here. A timestamped reminder of why the work to empower ALL PEOPLE with Equity matters.

2021 . . . Speechless.


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