We Are The Daniels Family

The common denominator of every Daniels Family project is Equity. Whether we are claiming it for ourselves or others, Equity for all matters to us.

STEP INTO MY SHOES (SIMS) VR Experience is our most ambitious technology undertaking to date and we are BEYOND excited.

Hard to believe our seed concept from 2017 is finally in the stages of becoming an immersive, Virtual Reality, conscious-shifting application delivering a NEW REALITY to the DEI space.

We’ve worked hard to get here and it is crystal-clear, every twist and turn was necessary to bring us to this moment.

We are thankful for the journey and excited to still be here incubating ideas, community and technology!

Stay with us. It’s gonna be a wild ride . . .

– Luckie

Don’t nothing come to a sleeper but a dream.

William Charles Barwick

Born January 29, 1918 in Headland, Alabama, William Charles Barwick is Luckie’s Maternal Grandfather.

Willie believed in rising with the Sun, possessing a strong work ethic and a deep, unshakable commitment to family.

He was a Serial Entrepreneur before the word ever existed! Throughout his life Willie, in partnership with wife Fannie Louella (Jackson), would start several successful community businesses in addition to establishing a profitable real estate office, Barwick Realty.

Possessing the “Herculian Barwick Gene” comes with a sense of pride in our family. Muscular and strong, a natural Athlete and savvy businessman, we believed there was NOTHING our Willie couldn’t do.

Loving husband and father. Avid fisherman. Football fanatic. Trailblazer born in a time when black men were not expected to be remarkable, William Charles Barwick (1918-1995) was EVERYTHING.

Watch us work. Help us build.