We are Daniels STRONG. We have overcome our share of life challenges and recognize our experiences have made us who we are today. We are proud of our story and strength.

We are a family deeply connected to the our Ancestry and history. We come by our work ethic, strength and resilient hustle righteously; it’s in our DNA.

Our Grandparents, Willie C. and Fannie Barwick, were Entrepreneurs long before the word existed, at a time when being a “Black Owned” business was a rare find and oft times dangerous circumstance. The Barwick’s refused to accept the status quo of their time and built a family life and community reputation that still stands today.

Willie and Fannie’s only daughter and my mom, Gerrie, was equally remarkable; like her father, a true Serial Entrepreneur and what Venture Capitalist Arlan Hamilton defines as a Hacker: someone who looks for a way to do things different from the norm. This definition epitomizes both Gerrie’s and my approach to business AND life. We hack our way through to get work done.

Be sure to read my Field of Dreams blog post, Ode to Gerrie, where I share thoughts on how our family’s life and work have been influenced by my mom’s brilliance and entrepreneurial steps.

The Daniels family grind is deliberate and unapologetic, guided by intention and purpose. We are committed to making our gifts work for us as we build legacy individually and collectively to advance the work for the Social Good our Ancestors began.

TEAM DANIELS. Go hard of go home.

– Luckie

P.S. If you have not done so, purchase and read Arlan’s book, It’s About Damn Time. Today. You can thank me later.

Luckie | The Conductor

Luckie Daniels is a Senior Program Manager with with 22 years of experience providing program and project leadership on Software/Product Development, eCommerce, Mobility, Marketing, and Social Media initiatives.

Luckie has successfully launched innovative technology campaigns for many industry leaders including The Coca-Cola Company, United Parcel Service, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Walt Disney, ADT Security, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Pearson Education, Google Expeditions, UL Safety, Cruise Lines International Association, Mohawk Industries and W.L. Gore.

Prior to pursuing a career in technology, Luckie worked in the nonprofit sector as a Child Advocate and Freedom School Program Coordinator for the Children’s Defense Fund, Community Strategist for Mayor Roxanne Qualls in Cincinnati, Ohio and Domestic Violence Advocate for the City of Atlanta.

Luckie completed Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) coursework at Cornell University in November 2021 and is currently an IT Program/Project Manager centered on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Business Process Improvement.

Jerold | The Creator

Jerold “Jay” Daniels aka RDiiO. Firstborn of the Daniels clan. Producer. DJ. Photographer. Videographer. Graphic Designer Extraordinaire. RDiiO sees his music and art as the foundation of a life filled with passion, creativity, focus and purpose.

Jay’s thoughts . . .


That’s it and yes it’s just that simple, do great work that your passionate about and everyday love doing it. Me for example I’m Mr. Everything technology, from sun-up to sun-down I’m usually attached to my Macbook Air coding and designing, never far away from my iPhone. Every day technology reminds me of why I love it and every day I discover something amazing that’s been developed or designed by a creative mind who loves technology just as much as I do.

Our time in this world is very limited and I believe through technology we’re able to develop, design and inspire for the benefit other of people. Simply put technology is the gift that keeps on giving us infinite possibilities to learn from and progress forward.

Justis | The Orator

Committed activist and organizer, Justis played a pivotal role last summer leading George Floyd community protests in the Flagstaff, Arizona where he attends school. Justis coordinated with the Mayor and Chief of Police to ensure police left their guns in their cars, distributed water, sunscreen and masks, didn’t enforce the evening curfew, and even took a knee in solidarity with the protesters. In exchange, the protesters agreed to be peaceful and not block street traffic. Justis continues to share his message of the importance of discourse and collaboration between organizers and community leaders as our country seeks meaningful and lasting change.

Justis co-founded FUELSTEAM and SEE Something. SAY Something. with Luckie and co-authored Sometimes Grandma . . . Forgets My Name.

Currently a Senior majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Law at Northern Arizona University, Justis looks forward to graduation in the Spring and plans for law school to soon follow.

Jai | The [Future] Olympian

Jai, our Emerging Elite Athlete, is focused on mastering the 200M, 400M and Long Jump, keeping her sights and work ethic focused on achieving her athletic goals of competing in the Paris 2024 AND LA 2028 Olympics! Track and Field is not only our grind, it’s our family passion.