Teens. Friends and family. Mothers and fathers. Brothers and sisters. We are . . . a community of the friends, families and loved ones of teens lost to suicide. In the summer of 2016 our small town of Taos, New Mexico experienced a cluster of teen suicides that rocked our way of life. Shocked and grieving, we’ve scrambled to find answers that eventually came from the girl who sits beside me in Language Arts. “If you see something, say something”. A simple action to impact a serious issue. We are . . . teens working to save the lives of our friends and yours. Join us. #SEESomethingSAYSomething

SEESAY Teen Suicide Prevention App

The SEE Something. SAY Something. (SEESAY) Teen Suicide Prevention app combines real-time crisis intervention with community and social engagement.

Supported by our official crisis services partner, CRISIS TEXT LINE and available as a FREE download via GOOGLE PLAY and the APP STORE, the SEESAY app connects teens in crisis to live, trained Crisis Counselors via text 24/7.

  • Emergency 911 service connection
  • Crisis Text Line app integration
  • Suicide Risks, Warning Signs and Crisis Resources
  • Online and social engagement via our SEESAY campaign website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms
  • Teen Peer engagement and content contributions via HEAR US and WHAT’S YOUR 140? online and app features

SEESAY 1.0 is designed, developed and supported by Taos STEAM Academy under 140 Development.

For additional information regarding the SEESAY Teen Suicide Prevention app, please email Luckie and Justis for assistance.

Taos STEAM Academy is a nonprofit organization.

Donations to support the ongoing development of our SEE Something. SAY Something. teen suicide prevention initiative are much appreciated.

Everybody needs an app that can save their life.

Justin Furstenfeld, Blue October
Project Details
  • Year: 2016-2018
  • Cohort: Secondary School Students
  • Demographic: Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous, Anglo, African American, Male/Female/Non-Binary
  • Site: Taos, NM
  • Impact: Teen Suicide Prevention, Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health Advocacy
  • Outcome: 2017 Verizon Best In Nation App Challenge winner. Awarded $20K to complete development with MIT mentorship. Launched National Teen Suicide Prevention campaign with Crisis Text Line partner. HEAR US radio awarded Best In State recognition by the New Mexico Broadcasters Association. Mental Health First Aid training and crisis intervention community program delivery.
  • Web: SEE Something. SAY Something.
  • Instagram: @SeeSayToday