To a certain degree we all speak different “languages” as it relates to our individual life experiences and diverse perspectives. Opportunities to engage in productive dialogue – capable of bridging entrenched societal and political boundaries – are often lost as a result of challenges we encounter when introduced to experiences that differ from our own.

Discrimination. Inequality. Privilege. Immigration. Diversity. How quickly can the injection of any one of these words break down communication and/or spark a fierce debate?


Imagine an immersive, Virtual/Augmented Reality experience that achieves the seemingly impossible – the ability to share experiences/perspectives by way of an innovative, teaching platform; establishing a baseline for engaging, progressive discussion and cross-cultural learning.


The goal of learning is not just to educate the mind, but to expand it. By affording students an opportunity to develop understanding and empathy for others, we’ll do just that. Progress and lasting change are achievable when as a society we acknowledge both our collective and individual experiences (and perspectives) matter. Is it possible technology, often the root cause of our societal disconnect, could also be the solution capable of bridging it? We believe so.

  • VR Black Experience – Pilot 1
  • VR Climate Experience – Pilot 2
  • VR Trans Experience – Pilot 3
  • P1 – Planning and Initiation
  • P2 – Defining requirements
  • P3 – Project execution
  • P4 – Launch and iteration
  • PRIMARY – organizations, corporations, secondary/post-secondary education
  • SECONDARY – nonprofit, law enforcement
  • TERTIARY – private/public sector

If you could walk a mile in my shoes you’d be crazy too.

Tupac Shakur
Project Details
  • Year: 2021 (Plan)
  • Cohort: Secondary, Post-Secondary, Adults, Male/Female/Non-Binary
  • Demographic: Corps, Orgs, Nonprofits, Schools, Private/Public Sector, Educators and Business Leaders committed to DE&I engagement, training and advancement
  • Site: Taos, NM / Phoenix, AZ
  • Impact: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion advancement, Cultural Equity, VR/AI Tech Innovation
  • Outcome: Q1 2022
  • Web: Coming Soon