Sometimes Grandma is straight-talk for kids coping with the life challenges Alzheimer’s Disease presents. A resource for kids to increase learning, share their feelings and find support.

Kids impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease are often overwhelmed by the changes in their loved one, parents and family life.

Sometimes Grandma . . . Forgets My Name

Jai is outspoken, bright and very curious! As the youngest in her family, Jai is everybody’s “baby”. She loves when Grandma reads to her and likes to play doctor so she can take care of Grandma on “not so good” days. (Early Stage)

About Sometimes Grandma:

  • an engaging, five (5) book series to empower kids facing Alzheimer’s Disease with knowledge and encouragement
  • explores the daily life of 4 year old Jai, 10 year old Justis and their Grandma, recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease
  • aligns to the stages of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • talks about Grandma’s symptoms and offers insights to understanding the needs of people with Alzheimer’s Disease and their loved ones
  • includes learning Glossaries, interactive Journal pages and Express Yourself art ideas
  • shares helpful “Mommy Tips” resources for parents and caregivers


Discover the kids living on Harmony Street — Jai, Justis, Bella, Luke, Logan and Corey. Though their lives and families look different, each has been impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease and have joined Jai and Justis in sharing their stories.

Sometimes Grandma . . . Gets Mad

Bella is quiet and observant. She enjoys art, painting is her favorite. Bella doesn’t like to upset Grandma and wishes she would be HAPPY again. Sometimes Grandma’s bad mood makes Bella grumpy too! (Mild Decline)

Sometimes Grandma . . . Doesn’t Know How

Luke and Logan are identical twins who always say exactly what they think and finish each others sentences. Now that Grandma has moved into their home they REALLY don’t understand why she can’t do anything for herself? (Moderate Decline)

Sometimes Grandma . . . Makes Mommy Sad

Corey is confused. It seems his parents are sad and busy with his baby sister, Madison all the time. Corey’s Grandma doesn’t live with them but they visit her often. Grandma doesn’t remember them anymore. (Severe Decline)

Sometimes Grandma . . . Says Goodbye

Justis is Jai’s big brother. Justis is protective and kind. Mama says he acts older than his age. Justis wants to be a scientist to find a cure for Alzheimer’s so he can help people like his Grandma. (End Stage)

Empowering kids with hope, knowledge and courage.

Justis, Jaiya and Luckie #4Gerrie
Project Details
  • Year: 2013
  • Cohort: Elementary Students, Male/Female/Non-Binary
  • Demographic: Youth impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia
  • Site: Atlanta, GA
  • Impact: Alzheimer’s Awareness, Youth Mental Health Advocacy
  • Outcome: 2014 Authored and published “Sometimes Grandma”, 1 of 5 Harmony Street Kids books created to support youth and families impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia with knowledge and courage.
  • Blurb: Sometimes Grandma . . . Forgets My Name
  • Twitter: @GerriesKids