I’m just a bad chick with a bald head living life . . . and in a nutshell, this tee (thank you MESS In A Bottle!) TOTALLY represents how I choose to live and show up in the world.

Clear. Bold. Unapologetic. Motherly. Womanly. Black Girl Magical. Hair-free. Strong-lipped – both in color and in tone! Intentional. Impact Entrepreneur (thank you Nicole).

Living an authentic life starts by embracing [and loving] your natural, stripped down, GLORIOUS self. And at a proud 55 years young, I understand this state of flow is NOT a sprint; it is a marathon, and for some of us, a slow mindful walk.

These days Luckie is taking NOTHING for granted, especially time. After surviving a real and scary battle with COVID-19 in 2020, I’m waking ER’DAY with intention to affect positive change in both my life and the lives of those around me.

And after nearly 40 years of parenting (yes, you read that right), I am BOLDLY claiming myself as a priority. My happiness. My health. My dreams. As black women in a culture that admires AND resents our strength, it’s easy to forget that we matter just as much as the folks we take selflessly take care of.

How we show up in this world matters. Make sure the choice is 100% yours.

Keep rising. Keep shining.

Luckie | The Conductor

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