Metaverse: Are We Ready?

In full transparency, I’ve never actually been a Facebook fan. Over the years, I’ve raised flags with family and friends regarding how much and what content to share on the platform. I’ve intentionally maintained a VERY small FB circle of “real” connections and rarely share anything beyond the random, “I can’t ignore what you just said”, political response OR the more expected, “living while black” outrage.

Facebook “friend” lines have never been clear enough for me and the ease of access for anyone/everyone to [virtually] roam about has always felt invasive and kind of creepy to me. Yeah, it’s fair to say Facebook has not been my Social Media cup-o-tea.

So I am the first to be surprised by genuinely being excited about what the future of the Metaverse may hold. And yes, being Mama Bear to a magical black girl who has dreamed of being an Astro Physicist for a few years now, the Facebook Connect Keynote segment featuring a Queen dreaming of the same with her Grandma, resonated with me. Yes . . . Mark got me!

I am ready to pack my AR bags and move into a new, curated, Meta-home.

The question to be answered still, is this new realm ready for us though? All of us? Will the Metaverse make room for all Creators and residents to thrive is this new, untapped play space?

I’m still no Facebook Meta convert BUT for the first time ever, I am open to seeing what the future holds. Let’s see if the real Metaverse is as diverse, equitable and inclusive as we witnessed earlier this week.

I sure hope so. Stay tuned,


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